Your Trusted Hospitality Network

Find a free place to stay with someone you trust. Organize your Facebook graph by location, and unlock access to members in professional associations, service organizations, and alumni groups to which you belong.


The Available Accommodation Options For Travelers

You can stay in a hotel, short term rental, hostel, private or shared room via AirBnB, or Couchsurf with strangers. Or, you stay with friends, family or other trusted connections (often friends of friends).

If you think about it, almost everyone "couchsurfs" from time to time. They just happen to stay with existing trusted friends and family rather than strangers. We enable you to unlock your trusted connections to find a person to stay with anywhere in the world.

Our go to market strategy is focused on reaching critical mass among several member associations with a strong shared bond that implies trust among members, even if they have not met in person. Examples of such networks are Sigma Phi Epsilon (300k+ alumni), YPO Next Gen (19k paid members), and Impact HUB (7.5k paid members).

The Startup Chile alumni network is a perfect network for OpenDoor, for several reasons:

  • It's globally dispersed
  • The founders have strong desire to build connections
  • There's a strong shared experience of spending 6 months in Chile
  • Virtually everyone is passionate about travel
  • Existing closed Facebook group (here)

OpenDoor would build stronger relationships within the Startup Chile alumni network. Every time those people interact with, and spend time with each other — guess what will come to mind? Startup Chile, and their time spent in Chile.

The way to strengthen any community is to facilitate more in person time among its members, free hospitality is a strong incentive to spend more time together in person. The greater the number of strong relationships people have that tie back to Startup Chile, the more conversations will occur about the program and country. And those having the conversations will bring their friends slowly into the community.

Meet The Team

Will Moyer


Traveling and living abroad since 2010, Will's been doing design work for over a decade. Whether it’s typography, HTML and CSS, or interface design he is passionate about simple and elegant solutions. Will and Drew have been working together for two years.

Drew Meyers


Spent 5 years at Zillow doing community building, business development, and social media marketing. A travel addict who has visited 30+ countries, and largely been working & living out of a backpack since 2010.



A high end development firm run by Todd Sampson and Eric Marcoullier with offices in Orlando and Boulder. The firm has started and sold numerous companies from within their walls, including MyBlogLog, Gnip, and OneTrueFan.

History Of The Company

The goal has always been to connect people in meaningful ways in person. Our first attempt was the location sharing platform, Oh Hey World. It's essentially Foursquare at the city level.

We learned a lot building that 1st product, much of which is outlined in this 12 month recap on PandoDaily. The high level summary is that an easier way to share your arrival in a new city is not a pain point for anyone outside of the long term traveler segment. Further, delivering on the value prop of finding nearby friends & like minded people is only viable with massive scale of users — without a strong enough hook to get it to scale.

This next iteration is still focused on solving the same long term problem, but taking a very different approach on the pain point of helping the 18-30 year old crowd find a free place to stay on their next trip.